SEO Learning In Pakistan

If you’re looking for a Professional SEO Learning platform then you’re at the right place. We’re Offering professional courses of 2-3 months for Basic as well as Advanced SEO. In which we’re facilitating you with major/core concepts of SEO, such as: how to generate business strategies? How to gain better traffic? How to avoid spamming? How to rank your website? And much more. Learn SEO from Scratch. We build and upgrade your skills.

Weekly Classes

SEO Learning classes will be set weekly, Sunday classes will conduct. 3 Hours Per Day. 

Monthly Test

We will take the monthly tests SEO Course for advanced preparation.

Special Classes

Special classes also conduct for technical SEO Learning.

Future of SEO

The future of an SEO expert is bright and there are a lot of opportunities for them to grow in the market as the Pakistani Industries are also moving online. So, it will have a wide scope in future in the Pakistani market as well.


SEO learning in Pakistan
SEO algorithm

Google SEO Algorithms

In SEO Learning, we learn about the different and latest google algorithms and updates. How to follow and implement Search Engine Optimization algorithms on the website.

seo onpage

ONPAGE Optimization

In SEO Learning, onpage Optimization is one of the most important pillars of SEO. How to optimize website pages and content optimization according to the Keywords.

SEO Offpage

OFFPAGE Strategies

In SEO Learning, offpage is one of the most difficult techniques. We learn all the white hat techniques and how to make high-quality backlinks through queries.


Google Analytics & Search Console

In SEO Learning, we learn how to set up Google Analytics and Search Console for business websites. How to track audience, traffic & remove all errors of the website.

seo expert

SEO Expert in Pakistan


Being an SEO expert is time-consuming and it took a lot of struggle to become an SEO expert. No worries! If you’re a freshie or newbie in the field of SEO, you will be able to pursue SEO as your career after this course.

Course Outline

As we’re offering both Basic and Advanced level SEO courses so, we’ll cover both Off-page & On-page SEO techniques. Basic WordPress development and user guide will also be part of the Advanced SEO Course. Contact Us for details

SEO learning




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